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The 4 Best Clean Protein Powders in Canada

I included protein powder in my life when I started working out, but I didn’t really put that much thought into it. Over the last year, after being sick due to a medical condition, I had to resort to seeing a nutritionist to help me. Finding a good company that I could trust and would offer the best clean protein powders in Canada was important.

Where I started

I was aware how important my nutrition was and I wanted to sustain my workouts, but I didn’t have any energy anymore. After a lot of medical testing and research on myself, lowfod map diet, mixed with a liquid diet was my only solution.

I know if you read this, you might think that you aren’t that bad and this isn’t for you. I have learned that lacking protein increases cravings, bad food choices, and another multitude of issues that I have listed below.

With the food choices we have now, it is easy to not get a good source of nutrition and not fully understand why we feel the way we do.

Why do you need protein?

Have you attempted to do any form of exercise and was lacking the energy to perform or to recuperate fast enough to do another workout. As much as I love endurance training, the nutrition part that goes with it, is just as important.

Do you know how many proteins you should have on a daily basis, from a rest day to a workout day or even what symptoms are from a protein defiency.

It is really easy to lack good protein in our daily life, most processed food is filled with carbs and fat and our body does not store any protein. Nancy Waldeck, chef and dietician at Piedmont, explains that it is important to consume protein everyday to keep our cells in good shape and should be included in our daily life.

You can read more about what she explains below.

How much protein do you need per day?

On average, it is recommended that an adult should have about 0.8g per kilogram of body weight in kilos or 7 grams per 20 lbs of body weight in pounds. Depending on various factors like daily life, work, metabolism etc, you can get from 2g to 3.5g of protein per body weight. You can include about 10% to 35% of your calories from proteins

It is more important to know your body and find that sweet spot than any calculation.

It is especially easy for children to lack protein, as adults we have to be careful to know the effects of a protein deficiency on our bodies and our children.

Protein deficiency in children

  • Growth Failure
  • Loss Muscle Mass
  • Weakened Heart
  • Weakened Respiratory System
  • Death

I have attached below the detailed information from Harvard if you wish to do more research on the subject.

Even if you have the right amount of protein, the quality you will get is just as important, if not more. The choices you make can make a greater difference to your body than you might think.

For example, chicken and fish, due to the lack of saturated fat, are safer than red meats.

Protein Deficiency in Adults

  • Swelling in your legs, abdomen, hands and feet
  • Mood swing
  • Hair, nail, skin problems
  • Weakness and fatigue
  • Lose muscle mass and strength
  • Slow metabolism
  • Hunger
  • Slow healing
  • Often sick, example getting multiple colds

I know the list of deficiencies can be scary, not to be alarmed, most will have enough protein in their life on a daily basis. If you do notice some of these symptoms, be mindful about the food choices you are making.

If you start to notice that you can’t get to a meal without a snack or even after dinner you are still hungry, try to add a bit more protein to your life.

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The best products to add protein to your life

Why I recommend Leanfit? Over the years, I have tried a multitude of products from non-vegan to vegan brands. After discovering I had to follow a low fodmap diet, I was on a wild goose chase to find the products that would be easy to digest, safe for me to eat and offer all the nutrition I needed. Finding the best clean protein powders in Canada was hard because of all my digestive issues.

Learning more about the company, what is stands for and the quality of their products, I was hooked and included my family in the process. Imagine my surprise when I was accepted as an affiliate for their brand.

I have tried various products from them and these are my top 4, all for various reasons. This is not an ad in any way. I truly believe they offer a great variety of products for everyone.

Their vegan products are:

  • Soy Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Organic
  • Non-Gmo
  • Fast Digesting
  • Nut Free
  • Vegan
  • Kosher
  • Preservatives
  • Dairy & Lactose
  • Gluten
  • Yeast
  • Eggs

I know, what is left. Personally, for my poor digestion and limitation on nutrition, this is the perfect solution to ensure I have all my nutrients.

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Best Taste Whey Protein

Before being on a low fodmap, I discovered this amazing tasty protein. The taste is creamy but not overpowered by sugar.

Perfect addition for my fiance who doesn’t like to eat breakfast.

woman in white crew neck t-shirt holding red plastic cup


Best Vegan, Low Fodmap Protein Powder

When I started my low fodmap diet, this product has been a life changer. No weird after taste, easy to digest, perfect to start your morning or after your workout.

person holding silver round container with brown powder


Best Protein with Green Powder

I was very excited to learn, they offered a protein powder that also integrates a green powder. There isn’t any easier way to have both a source of protein and green all at once!

Four Trays of Varieties of Fruits


Best Protein for Easy Smoothies

After their berrie flavour the tropical mango offers a variety of taste that also includes all your protein and greens!

Frequently Asked Questions

Quick answer is yes.

Protein powder has not been proven to pose any harm to your body, even when taken in large amounts.

Drinking protein shakes daily, may lead you to take too many calories and increase your weight gain. It is important to be aware of the overall nutrition you follow. The source of the protein powder will varies from chemicals and sugar, it is recommend to read the label and ingredients before purchase.

Protein powders are a good addition to your current diet. It is an easy way to add protein, build muscle mass and provide you with energy.

They should always be part of a well balanced diet.

It is recommended to follow the instructions on the package and ensure you are not having too much protein in your day. It is a perfect way to add protein after a workout to build muscle mass and promote recovery.

It is safe to have a protein shake without working out, always read the nutritional value of the product you are using. Protein shakes can have as many calories as a regular meal and you should always consider your overal nutrition.

Protein shakes can promote weight gain, as can any other product. Weight gain occurs when you eat more calories than you burn on a daily basis.

Protein can help you lose weight by removing your hunger. This will lower your calories intake and overtime can reduce your weight.

On it’s own protein does not make you gain more muscle. You have to include strength training exercises to promote muscle gain. Protein also helps repair your muscles after a workout.

The last thing you need to know about protein powders

If you are worried about your nutrition or it’s quality, protein powders are an excellent addition to ensure you have added vitamins and minerals to your diet. It helps reduce your hunger and assists in rebuilding your muscles.

It is important you find what works for you and what to look for when you are deficient in protein. For additional information about nutrition, please find further details below.

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