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Who is Melissa

Just like a Sim, I have plenty of hobbies and many titles to my name. Mom, Wife, Employee, Business Owner, Yoga Instructor, Meditation Practitioner, Holistic Coach, Blogger, Pet Parent etc.

How do I do all of this? I don’t! At least not all at once.

In my mid-20s, I discovered a passion for endurance training, fitness, nutrition, yoga and mental health. I love to learn and share my findings with whoever wants to listen. (That’s you)

When I started yoga, I was not flexible, I couldn’t touch my feet. I was not in shape, and couldn’t run 2 mins without being winded. This didn’t stop me and I want to do the same with you!

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You will hear me talk about it a lot, because well, I am proud of it.

With all my backgrounds, degrees and certificates I finally found an avenue I can deal with.

Instagram Life

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I started doing yoga 9 years ago, became a yoga teacher 2 years ago and I love to share it!
No, the pictures are not a daily life occurrence! Mostly, I am in my pj fighting with my puppy for my mat.

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