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DIY Hair Spray Using Essential Oils

I have been using this easy natural hair spray for my hair for a few months and I truly love how simple it is. My hair has a new shine to it and smells great. By using just a few drops of essential oils, I was able to make a very affordable hair spray that works and I don’t have to worry about the chemical or toxin that would usually be in it.

I love this recipe due to the effectiveness but also how versatile it can be. Even if you have only one of the essential oils mentioned below these products are still effective.

By controlling the products and toxins you use, you can reduce a lot of the health risk associated with chemicals and unknown ingredients.

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5 Ingredients To Avoid In Hair Products

  1. Mineral Oil
  2. Petroleum jelly
  3. PVP/ VA copolymer
  4. Sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate
  5. Polyethylene glycol

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5 Essential Oils and Their Benefits for your Hair


The smell of lavender has been found in multiple products due to it’s calming benefits, but did you know that lavender essential oils can help strengthen your hair and promote hair growth.

In a study done in 2016 from a Trusted Source, they have found that by applying lavender oil to mice it made them grow more hair at a faster rate.

Benefits of Lavender for your Hair

  • Promotes Hair Growth
  • Helps prevent bacteria
  • Prevent and kills head lice
  • May reduce skin inflammation

Resource from Healthline

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That nice freshness smell that comes with peppermint essential oil is not the only thing that can help your hair and should be introduced in your DIY hair spray.

Peppermint essential oil has been used in a study in 2014 on mice showing that it can promote hair growth, but is also an easy way to strengthen your hair.

Benefits of Peppermint for your Hair

  • Reduce Hair Loss
  • Promote Hair Growth
  • Improve Blood Ciruclation
  • Anti-inflammatory Benefits
  • Reduce Dryness and Itchiness

Resource from Healthline

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Frankincense essential oil contains vitamin E, which has been helping in the reduction of hair loss. The warm-wood like scent mix with the mentol smell can be the next product your diy hair spray need if you are looking to reduce dryness while providing your hair with a nice shinny look.

Benefits of Frankincense for your Hair

  • Reduce Hair Loss
  • Produce Shiny Finish
  • Reduce Dandruff
  • Promote Healthy Oils

Resource from Chiltanpure


You might be thinking of cooking when you hear rosemary, but it has been transformed into an essential oil like most spices used. The anti-inflammatory properties of rosemary essential oils has been one of the amazing benefits to consider when using it in your DIY hair spray.

Benefits of Rosemary for your Hair

  • Anti-inflammatory Properties
  • Promote nerve growth
  • Improve Circulation
  • Prevent Hair Follicles

Resource from Healthline

Tea Tree

Tea tree essential oils have been proven to reduce bacteria and inflammation. You might have seen a lot of products with this essential oil promoting the reduction of acne due to its cleaning benefits.

A study done by Journal of American Academy of Dermatology has proven that after only 4 weeks, participants showed a 41% decrease in dandruff.

Benefits of Tea Tree for your Hair

  • Anti-inflammatory Properties
  • Keep Hair Healthy and Moisturized
  • Helps Reduce Dandruff
  • Prevent Hair Follicles

Resource from Healthline

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The relaxing wooden smell of Cedarwood essential oils has been used for century in aromatherapy. Hair loss is very common as we aged regardless of the gender, some prevention can help.

In a study done in 1998, the research showed Cedarwood to be an effective hair treatment with up to 44% improvement when mixed with other oils.

Benefits of Cedarwood for your Hair

  • Improve Circulation
  • Promote Hair Growth
  • Shown to Strenghten Hair
  • Prevent Hair Follicles

Resource from Grooming Adam

DIY Easy Hair Spray Using Essential Oils Recipe

DIY Easy Hair Spray Using Essential Oils

Recipe by Melissa BerryCourse: Beauty ProductCuisine: HomemadeDifficulty: Easy


Prep time


Resting Time

24 H

Total time



This quick recipe will provide the best way for your hair to remain healthy and shiny, while providing you with the peace of mind of a toxin free product.


  • 1 10-15ml Spray Bottle

  • Distilled Water

  • Essential Oils of choice

  • (Lavender, Spearmint, Rosemary, Tea Tree, Cedarwood)


  • Add 8 drops of each essential oils to your spray bottle
  • Fill the rest of the bottle with water
  • Let it rest for 24 hours


  • You can add as many different type of essential oils as per your preference
  • All essential oils I used are from the Canadian company New Direction Aromatics

Last thing to know about using essential oils in your hair

This DIY hair spray recipe is versatile, you don’t have to have all the essential oils mentioned above and feel free to add others that are not present in this article. I would recommend using this mixture for a few weeks before making any decisions. Essential oils take times to show improvement, its not like other products. It can take time for your hair to grow and be healthy.

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DIY Hair Spray including essential oils and ingredients required

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