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5 Tips to Wake Up Early After Drinking The Night Before

I started my blog in January 2022, my first article was about tips to wake up early in the morning in a holistic way. 2 years later, I thought it would be funny to offer tips to wake up early after drinking the night before. Why are you so serious all the time?

In my twenties, I remember drinking and going for breakfast at 9 am without any issues, or you throw up and everything is fine. In my thirties, I now need a few days of recovery and I can’t make it to work anymore. With the added responsibility of kids, animals and a full-time job, sleeping until noon is not possible. So what can you do to at least make it better when you are aging and drinking? How can you wake up at 7 am to feed your children or animals?

Why is it so hard to wake up early after a night of drinking?

Did you know that alcohol causes insomnia?

This is funny since people are using alcohol to help them fall asleep, but in the end, you will not have a very good night’s sleep. Also, you will have to go to the bathroom a lot, which breaks your sleep cycle and will make it worse for you.

I don’t believe if you are here, you are looking to have the most amazing night’s sleep. Hopefully, your drinking is in moderation. So what can you do to help yourself?

5 Best Tips to Wake Up Early After A Night of Drinking

I am not going to lie, even with all these tips below, if you get too drunk it will suck tomorrow. The tips below may help to either not get wasted on an empty stomach or to keep you hydrated so you don’t make your situation worse.

Truly, the easiest solution to feel refreshed after a night of drinking is to not drink! But, that’s no fun. I mean it can be, but you wouldn’t be reading this if that was your plan.

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Tip 1: Drink water during your night of drinking

Become friends with your body and your liver. Bring your fancy bottle of water with you if you are going out. Alcohol will make you dehydrated and you have to replace that with something.

Easy drink a glass of water before and between each drink. Yes, you will need to line up for the bathroom a lot, so in the end, less drinking and if you are out you are even saving money. You are welcome!

Tip 2: Eat carbs & fat before you drink

I know we all attempted to drink on an empty stomach. This is a great way to save you a lot of money in college, it will take you no time at all to get drunk. Is it the best solution? Well, no.

Did you know that after 1 drink you can feel the effect in approx 10 mins.

Change your behaviour, make a nice meal at home or go out. If you choose a fatty meal it will help the alcohol travel gradually in your blood and eating some carbs will help to absorb it. No time for a keto diet here!

Source: Eat a balanced meal

Tip 3: Avoid the pain meds

Tylenol, or acetaminophen will become your worst enemy. It has great benefits, but not when you are drunk. It may destroy your liver when combined with alcohol. Make a smarter choice. Advil or Ibuprofen is a better choice in this case if you are looking for a pain reliever.

Tip 4: Drink water before going to bed

Alcohol makes you dehydrated, when you get home don’t pass out right away.

Place a bowl next to your bed, just in case and drink some water. Keep a glass by your bed for when you wake up in the middle of the night thirsty. It just makes sense. Don’t overdo it, drinking 2 litres of water won’t help.

Your body is already working overdrive, don’t make it worse.

Tip 5: Take an electrolyte in the morning

Similar to tip 4, in the morning after your night of drinking you are dehydrated and the quickest way to counter that is to have either Pedialyte or electrolyte when you wake up. If you are a planner, have some Gatorade in your house! Or crawl to the pharmacy to get your supply, nothing like fresh air to make you feel better.

round based shot glass

In conclusion

You made it to the bottom of your tips to wake up early after drinking the night before. I always assume nobody makes it here. If you think that coffee, a shower and more drinking in the morning may help, well those are all myths. Don’t get me wrong, I do shower in the morning since I usually smell funky after a night of party. I will need a coffee because I like it and I don’t need a coffee withdrawal headache on top of my current headache. Does it make me less hangover? No, but I will smell like roses.

Moderation and hydration, are the keys to having a better morning, or don’t drink!

If you were entertained, let me know! Leave me a comment.

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