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The 10 Best Apps to Keep You Organize

Why is it related to health, you might ask? The life that we live in requires us to keep a lot of information in our brain, but we don’t have to do it alone. Our phone is just as good as a computer and in our pocket at all times. Might as well use it to ensure that you organize your life. Use these best apps to keep you organized, why not use it just like you would a personal assistant.

The list below will provide you with my best choices for every sort of life you might choose to have. Remove stress, have more time for what matters, and use what you already have. We have access to so many free resources, but finding which one to choose from can be daunting.

Find out my top applications I use in my daily life. All of them are improving my life one way or another.

green potted plant on brown wooden table

App for plant lovers

I love plants, I love seeing them grow and taking care of them. Remembering to water them and fertilise them is another story. Do you really remember when to water each type of plant and their frequency or how much daylight they need. 

Maybe you are just fed up of looking at your plant turning brown or yellow and wondering why you are a plant killer.

I recommend Plantsome!

They have an extensive database and very easy to use application. You can recommend other plants to be added if not present.

Make it easy on yourself and leave the thinking out of it!

App for cleaning

Cleaning your house doesn’t have to be a big chore on the weekend. Also, you might have forgotten some weekend because you were doing something more valuable. 

Trust me I know. 

By taking small actions every day, you can make a world of difference. Even by changing your routine and adding more daily tasks, you can start avoiding doing everything at once. You have the option to have a clean, stress-free home. 

I recommend Sweepy!

You can add multiple rooms and tasks for each. I even added to deep clean my coffee machine in there. Do you seriously remember that?

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Apps for your money management

One big part of stress in people’s lives is always about money. Like all other actions, it’s the daily things that will make the biggest difference. I have been using Mint for years now, but I did spend some extra time separating everything into the three categories from Dave Ramsey’s method. 

30% Bill

20% Savings

50% Everything else

I recommend Mint!

Connect all your accounts into one place, very secure site and free of use. See where you spend your money and start understanding what you want in life for yourself and your family!

App for budgeting

What’s the difference, you might ask? I also use the application by Dave Ramsey EveryDollar application, which can help you account for every dollar and ensure that you don’t spend over your budget. Yes, Mint is similar. I just find EveryDollar to be easier to set up for a budget and see the categories. 

We all have stuff we forget, you remember that one charge that happens once a year that you forgot and you end up being short on money for food or whatever else for the month.

Ensure all your money is accounted for, you saved some, you paid all your bills, and you have a bit left for fun, or a lot!

I recommend EveryDollar

Very easy to use, offers a free version that you can easily add all your transactions and see where your money is going! Don’t forget to add that one time transaction that comes back every year!

pay debt written on a piece of paper

Apps to pay off debt

I am a big believer that you need to use different functions to help you, like you would have a different professional in your life, you can do the same in your phone. 

The application UnDebt is easy to use to ensure that you are on the right track to pay down your debt and have more freedom in your life. 

Nothing happens overnight, you have to plan and use the right tools for you.

I recommend UnDebt

It’s free, easy to use and update whenever you have monthly payments or you found some money somewhere to pay off some of your debt.

I know it’s easy to believe you can be debt free in x amount of month, it might not be realistic for everyone, but you can work at it every month!

assorted-labeled box lot

Apps for memories

We all take thousands of photos every year, it’s so easy to click and forget about them. Our phone are getting bigger and bigger in capacity, so you don’t really have to worry. I love using Google Photos, it’s easy to use, organizes all my photos by locations, times, categories and person and I can easily go back and remove duplicates and every screen shot I took of whatever I wanted to show others or that one recipe I needed.

You can easily search for every category or even key words, it will find it. Free of charge for a certain amount of space. It just makes sense.

I recommend Google Photos

I know most of you heard of it, but it just make sense!

App for cardio enthusiast

If you like running, biking, swimming or any sort of cardio, you might also like to have a quick way to see your progress. What your friends are doing and a way to see your numbers quickly. 

Strava is the perfect application for all cardio tracking and provides incredible features when you move from the non-paid version. The paid version is still a great way to track what you are doing and offers the community part that we all love. 

I recommend Strava

Track all your workout from the app or from most integration. Easy to push your workout from your watch or other monitor directly to them. Same for other cycling apps and more!

Download Strava
photo of a man and woman newly wedding holding a balloons

App for organizing your wedding

The only reason it’s making the list, it is because I am planning my wedding and wow, what a world of craziness out there. 

The application The Knot offers a great and simple way to organize your calendar, find all you need, organize your budget and guest list. The function of the an added website and rsvp, registry and more, truly the best apps to keep you organize through one of the most stressful time in your life!

Don’t make it more stressful than it is. 

I recommend The Knot

This might of safe my marriage! It makes it planning a wedding easy, they really thought of every thing you might need, every vendor, a beautiful site for your own wedding and your budget and calendar!

App for Meal Planning

Feeding a family every week, spending time at the grocery store and thinking of everything you need can take a lot of time you might want to spend somewhere else in life. 

The application Mealime has great food option for a variety of people, the meals taste delicious and are easy to do. The grocery list is related with Instacart (or other options) to offer you the chance to buy everything on your list from the application and be delivered at your door. 

Is there an easier way to plan your meals for a week? 

I recommend Mealime

They have a wonderful list of recipes to try, some are free and some require payment. They create a list for you of all ingredients and links back to multiple grocery store for direct order and delivery.

I love trying recipes but I hate looking in the aisles for that random ingredient I can’t ever find.

assorted fruit and can lot bought on the best apps to keep you organize

App for Grocery Shopping

Did you know that on average we spend about 2 hours per week grocery shopping. That represents 104 hours per year, imagine what you could be doing with all that extra time.

With the price of gas going up, the price of car going up and the increase amount of people in every region, if you can why not have someone do the shopping for you. Select your items online and voila, everything is done for you and delievered to your home.

For further details please read the break down here of the statistic, read the article by RICK DA CONCEICAO break down every thing.

I recommend Instacart

They link to multiple stores and groceries, the site looks beautiful and is so easy to use. Why not save back 2 hours per week and learn something new or sleep in?


When we think of health, we automatically go to nutrition and fitness, but I would say that organizing your life to make it easier for you is one part of being healthy. I am hopeful you found some of the best apps to keep you organized and get you ready!

Why not remove stress and anxiety from your life and do everything at the click of a button? It’s time we use our devices to serve us!

I would love to hear what is your best app to keep you organized, don’t forget to drop a comment below.

Reach out today! Start living your life how you want it!

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